13 November, 2015

RapidClipse 2.0 Final Release now available

RapidClipse 2.0 Final Release is now available for Windows!
RapidClipse is avialable for free, the entire framework is open source.

What is RapidClipse ?

RapidClipse expands Eclipse with a comfortable toolset for user-interface and database development that significantly simplifies and accelerates entire Java and Eclipse application development process.
RapidClipse is preconfigured for development with Java, Google Web Toolkit, Vaadin, JPA, Hibernate, and the RapidClipse Framework. All of the essential tools and plug-ins are included and all of the libraries needed for the start of the project are automatically loaded via Maven. This eliminates the usual setup and configuration work required with Eclipse so that you can get started with RapidClipse immediately.

RapidClipse is available as a pre-configured Eclipse distribution and as a pure Eclipse plugin. The RapidClipse Framework source code is available on GitHub.

Differences between RapidClipse and standard Eclipse

  • All necessary Eclipse plugins already pre-installed
  • All necessary libraries automaticly downloaded via Maven
  • Simplified Project Management
  • Vaadin GUI Builder
  • Extended Hibernate-Tools and optimized Hibernate mapping
  • Powerful RapidClipse Framework 
  • Preview without configuration effort
  • Deployment-Tools

Database independence with Hibernate

Database access is done by default with Hibernate in RapidClipse. Hibernate allows database queries to be fully implemented in Java, which greatly simplifies database programming. All SQL statements are generated automatically by the framework. One of the biggest advantages is database independence. At any time, you can switch to a different database, connect new databases, or support all the major database systems right from the start without having you adjust your entire query code. 

Develop Desktop - Web - Mobile Apps

Each project can run as an HTML5 web app in browsers, either as a mobile app on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices or as a classic desktop application on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Java 8 required

To execute RapidClipse a Java Runtime Environment (minimum version 8) has to be installed on your system.
  1. Call Oracle Java download site
  2. Akzept the license agreement and download the suitable JDK for your system, e.g. Windows x86.
  3. Start the installer and follow Java setup`s instructions to install Java on your system

RapidClipse installation

  1. We advise you to uninstall previous RapidClipse versions to avoid version conflicts
  2. Download the RapidClipse 2.0.0 for your system on www.rapidclipse.com/en/downloadNote: If you use Java 32-bit on your system, you can run RapidClipse 32-bit only! 
  3. Run the RapidClipse installer. If the installer could not find a Java Runtime Environment on your system, locate Java manually
  4. Read the license agreemand carefully. If you agree to all terms, select I accept the agreement then click Next >
  5. Select the folder where you would like RapidClipse to be installed, then click Next >
  6. Select the Start Menu folder in which you would like RapidClipse to create the program's shortcuts, then click Next >
  7. Select Create a desktop icon, select Create a Quick Launch icon, then click Next >
  8. Click Finish to start RapidClipse

Do you have questions?

Use our new RapidClipse Forum or StackOverflow for your technical questions about RapidClipse. We are happy to support you.

Download RapidClipse Now!


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