10 December, 2015

RapidClipse Update 2.0.1 available

RapidClipse update 2.0.1 is now available. Our goal was to fix reported and already known bugs and to improve the stability.

Adding styles easily

We didn´t only bugfixing. The new version contains some new helpful features also. The new Styles wizard enables you to add lots of standard styles to your GUI components in a very simple way without writing CSS code. Your custom styles written in SCSS will be added automaticly to the wizard as well.


  • In RapidClipse
    1. Choose menu Help Check for Updates.
    2. Click Next in the following wizard.
    3. In the following view Update Details you can select single features or assume all features. Then click Next.
    4. In the following view view Review Licenses select I accept the terms of the license agreements and click Finish.
    5. In the following dialog click Yes to restart RapidClipse.
  • Eclipse Update Site: http://xdevwebservices.com/rapidclipse/updatesite

RapidClipse Starter Days 2016

1, Feb. 2016 in Hamburg, Germany - $400 
2, Feb. 2016 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany - $400
3, Feb. 2016 in London, UK - $400
9, Feb. 2016 in San Francisco, US
10, Feb. 2016 in Chicago, US
11, Feb. 2016 in New York, US

Booking now

Beyond version 2.0.1

The next update will surprise you with a new search function. This feature enables end-users to create their individual detail-search-function in only a few seconds and without writing code. With only one mouse click, conditions can be added to limit the result evermore. Exclusion criterion, time periods and using common wildcards are supported as well.

With this component you will be able to filter huge data pools very effectively. The search function works with tables, list- and comboboxes, trees and even data in your server RAM. The filter function will be part of the next update, coming in January, 2016. 

With the next update the RapidClipse framework will also contain necessary improvements. The entire Hibernate transaction management will be full managed by the framework, so you need not care for Hiberante topics any longer for developing enterprise business applications.

Download now RapidClipse 2.0.1

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