19 January, 2016

RapidClipse 2.0.2 with powerful features

The new RapidClipse update 2.0.2 is now available for Windows.

Note: This new update bears the version number 2.0.2, but actually it´s in fact a major release you should install immediately.

Feature overview

RapidClipse IDE TOOLS:
  • Caption assignment for all relevant GUI components and entities
  • GUI-Builder - New, powerful and comfortable filter-component

RapidClipse Framework:
  • Fully managed Hibernate sessions
  • Ehcache implementation

Powerful filter-component

This new release impresses with a brand-new, powerful, high-configurable filter-component you will definitely use in all your applications to make your users happy. This filter-component provides a full-text search that enables end-users to add filter conditions to obtain a more detaild query result. Using the filter-component is simple. You only have to connect it with a table component with only one mouse click. That´s it.

Fully managed Hibernate sessions & Ehcache integration

The most significant changes were made to the RapidClipse framework. With version 2.0.2 RapidClipse launches fully managed HIbernate sessions. From now on you don´t have to care about Hibernate session and entity lifecycle, especially when and why your entities have to be attached or detached, when you have to reattach entities and so on. Moreover, with Ehcache a second-level cache was integrated which brings very much better performance.

Download RapidClipse update 2.0.2 for free: 

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