04 May, 2016

RapidClipse 2.2 now available

RapidClipse version 2.2 is now available for Windows. This update provides several new important features.

Neue Features:

  • Multiple data sources – From now on you can include multiple data sources. Any data source refers to a unique persistence unit. 
  • Project templates – Now, the project wizard allows you to combine project templates. Project templates basicly extend your project with additional features, e.g. authentication and authorization. Project templates mostly provide UI features, but not always.
  • Entity editor – The Entity editor has been extended. Now, the editor allows you to define many-to-many relations (n:m). The attributes of an entity can be configurated via properties.
  • Android app deployment – Now, you can deploy hybrid Android apps with RapidClipse. The end result are 2 files: 1 APK file and 1 WAR archive. A hybrid app developed with RapidClipse consists of 2 components: 1) a native container that can be distributed as an APK file on an Android app store or installed directly on an Android device and 2) a web application which has to be deployed in an application server. When you start the app it automatically calls the web application via a network and executes it in the system browser running on the device in full-screen mode.
  • Shortcuts – All focusable UI components can be selected via keyboard shortcut. 
  • SCSS code templates – All UI widgets can be styled using SCSS indiviudally. The Vaadin SCSS templates were included into the default.scss file.                                                           
  • Vaadin framework update – RapidClipse 2.2 bases on the Vaadin version 7.6.4
  • MySQL driver update – Der MySQL JDBC driver has been updated to version 5.1.35 umgestellt

Wichtige Änderungen:

  • Dali JPA Tools – Die Dali JPA Tools, zu denen der ER Designer und die JPA Details gehören, wurden auf Grund einiger gravierender Fehler aus RapidClipse entfernt. Die Dali JPA Tools sind ein offizielles Eclipse Projekt, das jedoch kaum noch supportet oder weiterentwickelt wird. Ein neuer ER-Viewer soll den ER Designer bereits in Kürze ersetzen.
  • Maven – RapidClipse 2.2 bezieht sämtliche benötigten Java Bibliotheken und deren Abhängigkeiten ab sofort vom Maven Central Repository. Die entsprechenden Einstellungen finden Sie im Projekt-Management 


RapidClipse 2.2 Changelog

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