04 July, 2016

RapidClipse 2.3 now available

RapidClipse 2.3 is now available for Windows. The new version provides several bugfixes and again new, very helpful features you shouldn´t miss.

Classic Java desktop applications

We are happy to announce that the Desktop Deployment wizard is now available. The new wizard enebles you to develop classic Java desktop applications running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can also choose how your users can distribute your application:
  • download link
  • Java Webstart
  • CD-ROM, DVD, USB stick 
Desktop applications which you deploy with RapidClipse do not base on Swing, SWT, JavaFX or something like that, but on HTML5 also. It doesn´t matter how you deploy your project, it will be one and the same application in any case. How does this work? RapidClipse generates hybrid desktop applications, similar to hybrid mobile apps. Only the application window is a heavy-weight component based on SWT. The system´s browser running full-screen embedded mode renders the HTML5 interface. The application itself runs on the server. The end-user doesn´t preceive  any difference to a classic Swing or SWT client. This concept provides you strong benefits. You have to create only 1 application with only 1 user interface, but you can deploy your application as a web-, mobile and classic Java desktop app. You don´t have to use different UI technologies and you will never have to care for non-compatibility UI widgets and layouts.

Fat-client and Client-server

With RapidClipse 2.3 you can choose between 2 different desktop application types:

  1. Fat-client application - The entire application containing the database embedded has to be installed on the client computer. The entire application runs on the client (UI, applicationserver and even your database). Fat-clients fit for single-user apps only. 
  2. Client-server application - The application (the native program window only) has to be installed on the client computer. The browser running embedded renders the HTML5 UI. The application as well as your database runs on the server. Only the client-server architecture is suitable for building up scaleable multi-user applications. 
To find the deployment wizard choose Export XDEV > Desktop Apps.


Navigator for Authorization 

For using the authorization features, we implemented an extended Navigator which allows you to add permissions to your views. With this we can avoid calling views without permission. If you already use the XdevAuthenticationNavigator for authentication and plan to use authorization, you should switch to the new XdevAuthenticationNavigator.

What is a Navigator?

The Navigator Any view in your project has to be registered at the Navigator. Der Navigator ist Bestandteil der MainUI und

  • adds all registered views to a internal list 
  • assigns an unique URI (uniform resource identifier) to any registered view to enable calling views directly via the browser search field.
  • enables calling a view by using the simple methode Navigation.to() 
  • adds a view to the browser history and enables end-users to navigate back and forward by using the browser actions 
  • defines where on the user interface views are shown (directly on the MainUI, inside a layout or inside an UI component) 
The Navigator is part of the MainUI.

Entity Editor

  • Names Converter - While importing and creating entities, singular is used for all entity names, e.g. a database table PRODUCTS will be converted to Product automatically.
  • Defining relations - Now, you can defin 1:n, n:m and 1:1 relations via the Properties 
  • New attribute types - Now, you can change attribute types if needed. The following options are supported
    • Transient - The attribute won´t be persisted in the database. 
    • ID - The attribute is used as a primary key.
    • Basic - The attribute has no special purpose.
    • Version - The attribute is used for optimistic locking. The data types Integer and Timestamp are supported.

RapidClipse 3.0 beyond

  • Templates - Several UI templates for different purpose will enable you to get started easier and faster
  • Mobile Apps 
    • Mobile API - Powerful api that provides you access to necessary functions of mobile devices, as well as necessary system features, e.g. camera, folders, scanner, bluetooth, NFC, vibration and even push service 
    • Deployment - Wizards for deploying hybrid mobile apps running on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. 
  • Cloud 
    • Version-control-system GIT hosted in the cloud
    • The entire build and deployment procedure running in the cloud
    • Database in the cloud 
    • Run your entire server infrastructure on demand
    • Full managed installation, configuration and even updating your server software components automatically
    • Deploy test releases and final releases as well with only one click of a mouse

Download RapidClipse 2.3

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