13 September, 2016

RapidClipse 3 from October

RapidClipse 3 is the largest and most important release of the previous project history. The new features are sensational!

Major Features:

Completely new Vaadin GUI-Builder 

RapidClipse 3 provides a completely new Vaadin GUI-Builder written from the scratch which offers totally new possibilities and 100 percent WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

100 Percent WYSIWYG
In RapidClipse 2 the HTML5/JavaScript user interface is only displayed in the browser while the runtime. In draft the HTML5/JavaScript user interface is simulated by the GUI-Builder. RapidClipse 3 however is able to display the HTML5/JavaScript user interface already in draft. If you change single styles or the entire theme, the result will be visible in the GUI-Builder already.

Zooming is possible
Even the long-awaited zooming the user interface in the GUI-Builder is finally possible with RapidClipse 3 and works with Ctrl key + mouse wheel exactly the same as in the web browser.

New Menu Wizard 
From version 3 menus are designed with a special Menu wizard, which is much faster than before.

GUI Templates help you getting started
If you don´t know exactly how to start, the new GUI templates provide you an even more rapid entry in RapidClipse. You can choose between several views which are common in nearly every database application.

Layouts without Trouble
All supported layouts by Vaadin as well as the additional Border layout, known by Swing now work in the draft without a hitch.

All previous GUI builder bugs are gone 
Problems of the previous GUI-Builder disappear completely with RapidClipse 3. Of course, projects you have developed with RapidClipse 2 can be opened in RapidClipse 3 without problems.

Major benefits of the new RapidClipse Vaadin GUI-Builder:
-All Vaadin layouts are supported
-Unlimited nesting of container components
-Hibernate databinding – Perfect integration of Vaadin and JPA/Hibernate
-Optimized and extended Hiberante tools
-GUI persistence
-Deployment tools for web, mobile, desktop and cloud

SQL-to-JPA Code-Editor

JPA-Queries written in Java are simply to complicated
If you want to develop database applications based on the Java standard by using JPA (Java Persistence API) and Hibernate (ORM-Framework - Object relational mapping) you have to write your queries in Java instead of using SQL. Plain SQL is basically possible as well, however, aim, benefit and sense of the JPA standard is the ability to write the entire query code in Java and thus you can object-oriented access to relational databases. Only at runtime all SQL statements are generated automatically by the ORM framework (Hibernate). As a Java developer you are no longer in contact with SQL.

For writing queries in Java developers are using JPQL, JPA Criteria API, or its Hibernate derivate HQL. The Hibernate Criteria API, a 4th option until now however is deprecated since Hibernate version 5.

No matter which option you choose, the big problem for JPA/Hibernate beginners is the significantly higher complexity of writing database queries in Java instead of using SQL. The advantage of SQL is that almost any software and database developer is familiar with and SQL is easy to learn.

Since RapidClipse is existing, we have been thinking about how we can make it easier to write database queries based on JPA and Hibernate. After all, if you are not able to write database queries based on JPA / Hibernate, you have to use plain SQL strings and thus you lose nearly all the benefits of using JPA and Hibernate. Moreover, your application no longer implements the JPA-Standard.

Why not combining the benefits of SQL and JPA/Hibernate? Our solution is an innovative SQL-to-JPA code-editor, which is one of the major innovations in RapidClipse 3.

New SQL-Editor combines the benefits of SQL and JPA

The new RapidClipse SQL-to-JPA code-editor enables you to write all of your database queries by using SQL. Well hidden behind the scenes the editor generates Java code based on the JPA Criteria API automatically. We chosed the JPA Criteria API, because JPQL and HQL use plain SQL strings, which gets you in trouble as soon as you change your entities or attributes.

By using the new SQL-to-JPA code-editor you won't get in contact with the complicated JPA Criteria API, e.g. type safety, refactoring and 100 percent database independence.

If you are familiar with the JPA Criteria API, JPQL or HQL, of-course you can write your own query code as you used to.

Mobile API for IoT and Industry 4.0 apps

RapidClipse 3.0 will contain the already announced Mobile API which is basically the server-side implementation of Apache Cordova for the Vaadin framework.

Until now, it is not possible to develop real IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions with Vaadin, because Vaadin does not support access to scanner, Bluetooth, NFC, vibration and other necessary system and hardware functions. Although with Apache Cordova is a JavaScript-Native-Bridge available, but Vaadin does not provide the needed server-side implementation for Cordova. Exactly this provides RapidClipse 3 now.

Simple Java method calls give you direct access to all necessary functions of the mobile operating systems and devices. The first version supports Android and iOS. RapidClipse 3 finally enables you to develop real and powerful IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions with Vaadin.

One View for Preview and Deployment

RapidClipse 3 provides a new view containing all options for starting a preview and the final build and deployment process at a central location. With just one click you can start a preview of the selected view or UI (desktop / tablet / smart phone), the entire application in a local application server or directly in the cloud.

Android and iOS App Deployment

Even the already announced mobile deployment tools for iOS and Android are now enclosed. Web- and classic Java desktop apps can be deployed on the local computer, but executable Android and iOS apps have to be deployed by a special cloud service, which fully automates the entire app build process. Especially for iOS that´s a big advantage, because for building iOS apps, you normally need a Mac. The only thing you have to do yourself is to request your personal developer ID from Google and Apple directly.

Integrated Java Cloud

RapidClipse 3 enables you to deploy any Java web and hybrid mobile app (usually servlets - WAR) just with one click into the cloud. Therefore, RapidClipse 3 provides an integration for the Java cloud platform XDEV CLOUD, which is a PaaS platform for developing, deploying and hosting Java apps in the cloud. The XDEV CLOUD provides you an app container containing all server software components you need pre-installed and pre-configurated. So, you don't have to think about how to install and execute a JavaVM, an application server, database server or a GIT repository on your host.

Version-Control-System in the Cloud
With your pre-installed GIT repository in the cloud you can host your source code centrally and securely in the cloud, share it with your colleagues or customers and access it from anywhere.

Build and Deployment Process in the Cloud 
The entire build and deployment process runs directly in the cloud and the final app will be automatically deployed into your app-container or more specifically into the pre-installed application server. Thus deploying an app takes only 10 seconds and your app is online.

Comfortable Web-Frontend 
The XDEV CLOUD provides you a comfortable and easy to use web-frontend running in the browser or directly in Eclipse. With only one click you can shut down and restart your app-container if needed, start the deployment process, backups, define permissions for additional developers and much more.

The XDEV CLOUD service is full-managed, which means the systems cares for daily backups and security updates which are installed automatically.

Hosted by AWS 
The XDEV CLOUD platform is hosted by Amazon Webservices in Northern California, Northern Virginia and Frankfurt, Germany. XDEV CLOUD is free for 1 month.

The launch of RapidClipse 3.0 is planned for early October 2016.

08 September, 2016

Vote for RapidClipse to win the Award

RapidClipse friends,

we have been working hard for more than 3 years now on RapidClipse to provide you the world's easiest, most comfortable and free Eclipse distribution which lets you develop professional business applications with Java and Eclipse faster and easier than ever before.

Therefore it´s great to hear that RapidClipse is nominated for the JAX Innovation Award 2016 in the category 'Most innovative contribution to the Java ecosystem'.

Vote for RapidClipse to win the JAX Innovation Award 2016 and give the RapidClipse project and the Eclipse community your own powerful push!

With the power of the Eclipse community we can win, but the competition is tremendous strong. Therefore, we need every single vote!

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