16 December, 2016

RapidClipse 3.0 - Release Candidate #2 is now available

RapidClipse 3.0 Release Candidate #2 is now available.  We assume that we can launch the Final Release next week.


Important note: This version is a snapshot. For using snapshots infallibly you must enable snapshot releases. Snapshot option should be enabled while testing this version only. We strongly recommend to disable snapshot releases as soon as you continue working on already existing projects to avoid accidentally mixing up framework versions.  
  1. Download and install RapidClipse 3.0 Beta #2 for your Windows system (32-Bit / 64-Bit).
  2. Start RapidClipse. 
  3. Choose menu Window > Preferences > XDEV > RapidClipse Framework.
  4. Select the checkbox Use snapshot releases.

New Features in version 3:

  • Completely new written GUI-Builder
  • New Menu Wizard
  • New SQL-to-JPA query editor
  • Mobile-Kit
  • All deployment tools integrated
  • XDEV CLOUD integration
  • New Eclipse version Neon
  • New Hibernate version 5


No more changes since RapidClipse Release Candidate #1, bugfixes only.

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